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Smoke and Mirrors

The Life of a Demon-cuddling Fashionista

Meadhbh inean Dhommnail
Blog Table of Contents:

Beginnings: Meadhbh's backstory in her own words.

The Ties that Bind Storyline
(This is the most over-arching storyline in Meadhbh's life, and the following, along with several entries in the Farstriders Website RP Forum, follow this. Best read in order listed.)
Home Sweet Home
On Fathers
The Key
Possession The climax of the storyline. Meadhbh frees her father, and enslaves herself.
The Abyss gazes also into you
Seeking Forgiveness

Meadhbh's Romantic Life
(The following are the most current entries regarding Meadhbh's latest romance with Gilder Gryphonheart. For the previous entries, see her Memories)
My Young Apprentice: Gilder proposes himself as Meadhbh's apprentice.
On Friendship: The beginning of Meadhbh and Gilder
Waterfalls and Sunrise: Meadhbh gains a new appreciation for sunrise.
New Friends, and attacks of Trolls and Nerves
Comfort: Meadhbh muses.
Home: Meadhbh's finally found a home.

Dungeon Combing
Scarlet Monastery
Razorfen Downs

((My current version of Meadhbh is on the Emerald Dream server, if anyone wants to look me up. My RL Journal is lariawien))